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Little Bishop handmade pendant hook

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Little Bishop handmade pendant hook


The Little Bishop is hand made.

Initially shaped from a rod of Tasmanian Oak, the circular groove that neatly fits a cable was carefully carved and sanded in Antony's small shed in Prahran, Melbourne. He used a Dremel and a stack of sandpaper on improvised tools to produce a negative form with a positive function.

This first prototype was cast in silicone, from which subsequent reproductions were made using a quick set resin, allowing Antony to refine the shape to perfection.

Producing large quantities of the Little Bishop is quite labour intensive as silicone moulds are still used, much the same as in the earlier prototyping stage. Because the design has deep, spiral undercuts, it is not possible to use injection moulding. Silicone moulds are flexible and allow the reproductions to be removed, however this process means that the silicone moulds quickly degrade. New silicone moulds are made from master parts after only a handful of castings.

The castings are done by hand in a small workshop that typically does highly skilled prototyping work. Each unit is cast as a one off piece. After the castings are removed from the silicone moulds, they are cleaned up by hand, and spray painted before the screws and joint fittings are hand assembled.

It can be said that each Little Bishop is individual and unique in it's own way, with minute "imperfections" adding to the charm of it's delicate beauty.



The Little Bishop is supplied in white undercoat. The customer is responsible for matching it's final top-coat colour to it's environment.

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